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Sustainable Energy Week

So this coming week, January 28th thru February 3rd, is Sustainable Energy Week in Europe. The EU has set very aggressive renewable energy targets, and I am sure there will be lots of informational conferences and seminars. Road trip, anyone? Oh yeah, the carbon footprint of flying might be a bit of a problem if [...]

You can make a difference by shopping

Sometimes it is easy to feel powerless, there is so much bad news that you might start to feel that the world is going to H-E-double-toothpicks in a handbasket and there is nothing we can do about it. Well I am here to tell you that we have a secret weapon concealed in our pocket [...]


If you entertain at all over the holidays I have one word for you: Vintage, vintage, vintage! (Ok, that is one word repeated three times for emphasis.) Truly, this is another green lifestyle choice that improves the quality of your life. These beautiful hand embroidered German napkins are selling for under $3 each on Ebay [...]

I want to ride my bicyle

This had been a simple change that creates positive ripples in a lot of directions:

-Obviously there is that “Carbon Issue” The National Personal Transportation Survey (who knew there was such a thing?) tells us that 40% of all trips, 40% of all the times anyone starts a car up they are traveling under 2 [...]

West Coast Green

What a wonderful trade show. http://www.westcoastgreen.com/

It was way too big to get my hands around, figuratively speaking. There were 20 green building speakers in each session during the day. 20 speakers times 3 time slots, times three days. That is 180 speakers without the opening speakers or the 5:00 pm speakers. And 270 vendors [...]

Decompressing after Solar Decathlon

News flash, Santa Clara University took third overall.

( I am, yet again, doing the victory dance as I write this. Wish you could see….)


It was a great visual experience being there, it was great to see so much design creativity in one place. My only regret is I could not get into [...]

My solar house is better than your solar house

As you might know from reading my blog, or if you know me, I designed the interiors for Santa Clara University’s entry in the Solar Decathlon.

I am excited, to the point of blogging twice in the same day, by the news that we are currently running 9th overall in the contest. They were the [...]

More design from the Solar Village

This is a picture of the ramp transition as it turns the corner to go back to the Darmstadt house. I loved the way the stairs form a “short cut” to the house. Ramps are very greedy of space, and I enjoyed the integration of the ramp and the stairs. Clean and functional, a natural [...]

News that make me happy

I sometimes avoid reading the news because I get frustrated and angry. I think I have have an over active outrage gland. The other day though I came across news of a lovely thing going on in San Francisco. Live music, storytelling for kids, community building, recycled materials, interesting aesthetics, there is nothing not to [...]

ok, let’s talk countertops, really….

The last entry got me thinking about just how many Eco counter tops there are!

First of all, please visit your local salvage yard, I can guarantee that they will have slabs of granite, marble, and corian, ready for reuse! This is nearly always a workable choice for bathrooms, since even if the Kitchen slab [...]