ok, let's talk countertops, really....

The last entry got me thinking about just how many Eco counter tops there are! First of all, please visit your local salvage yard, I can guarantee that they will have slabs of granite, marble, and corian, ready for reuse! This is nearly always a workable choice for bathrooms, since even if the Kitchen slab was damaged in removal, the bathroom is so much smaller.

Next, in no particualar order are other "green countertops."

Richlite, not FSC but local to me.

Slate Scape, much like Richlite above, or Paperstone below

Paper stone: The only wood fiber/ paper based one that uses FSC product.

Squak mountain stone: Cement paper based, very good customer service.

The most local option to me is Vertazzo, . this has large random chunks of glass.

Bottle Glass, it is made by Fireclay tile, a local tile manufacturer that also makes the Debris series recycled Spanish tile. It is a very tightly grained, cement like option. Great company! new product, so no pictures on web site.

Enviro Glass, you can specify the size of the glass particles and they are cast into a polymer, rather than cement so they do not need to be sealed. They are in Texas. you can pick your mix of glass colors.

Vitra Stone, another closely grained cement based company out of Colorado, that also makes sinks. They use ceramic cement and recycled glass. Owner is Ryan, very nice, and very responsive.

Ice Stone is made in Brooklyn and stocked in San Raphael. Very production ready business, if you order standard color.

Then there is Bioglass as mentioned below,

and two recycled content plastic sheet materials: Yemm and Hart: I love their products, but their plastic countertop has a low melting temp. Better for a bath then a Kitchen

and 3form, only 30-40% recycled, but gorgeous. Again, wouldn't use it as a Kitchen counter top.

Yes there are a lot of choices! Why use anything that does not have a green quality?