West Coast Green

What a wonderful trade show. http://www.westcoastgreen.com/ It was way too big to get my hands around, figuratively speaking. There were 20 green building speakers in each session during the day. 20 speakers times 3 time slots, times three days. That is 180 speakers without the opening speakers or the 5:00 pm speakers. And 270 vendors of green building products. It was like the best restaurant you ever went to, but you cannot possibly try every dish. It gave me hope, and yet simultaneously made re-entry into real life difficult.

One of my favorite quotes was: "We will change, it is just a matter of how much pain we will endure before we choose to survive."

The speaker was highlighting the difficulty in changing lifestyles, traditional ways of building, and other human patterns. And yet we are at a point where change in human behavior is needed, unless we choose to suffer tremendous suffering, disruption and problems. I hope we can do it.