Happy Earth Day

Think of today as a big thank you to the earth. Thanks for:Oceans to boogie board in, thanks for trees, rivers, little birds at my bird feeder, clean air, water I can drink, Yosemite (especially good work, by the way), in fact thanks for the whole bloody Sierra Mountain range! Thanks for lizards. Thanks for grass to lie on and clouds to watch.  Thanks for the fact that there is a skink with a blue tongue- evolution must have a sense of humor.  Thanks for weeds, if only for their extreme persistence, and for beetles, because they are so interesting.

In return I will not use my car today, and try to create no trash. Wow, seems a little inadequate. What are you doing? Write me and let me know!

By the way, for those Bay Area readers, my Green Interior Design class starts tomorrow. Last chance to sign up!