I hate waste, and I love this company!

Before I was an interior designer I worked as a textile designer in the garment industry. I remember being disgusted by the amount of sample fabric that got thrown away. Often whole 40 yard bolts would be clipped for color reference and then tossed away. Fast forward 15 years to the present, and I just found a little company that seems to feel just the same way about the waste in the furniture industry. The Modern Fabric Store sells scrap fabric that is thrown away after custom furniture is upholstered. They will even go into the dumpster to avert waste! The amazing thing is that the "waste fabric" from a large commercial upholstery job can be from one to as many as 10 yards. They even separate out the fabrics that have environmentally friendly qualities, so they are easy to find on the web site. So get your thinking caps on and think of some cool project that needs a few yards of inexpensive and high quality fabric.