Should your house be 'perfect' now?

I recently came across the concept of Slow Design, and it immediately resonated with me.Slow design is a reference to the Slow food movement, which tries to get people to pay attention to their food; where it came from, how it is prepared, and eating it slowly with friends and family. It originated in Italy and is basically the opposite of fast food in all particulars. I love decorating peoples homes, I LOVE it, but I always felt that it should be a process. So many people want to get everything done in a month and sometimes the result is a room that looks like they bought it all at once at Ethan Allen or Pottery Barn. (Perhaps because they bought it all at once....) It takes time to get to know a client, their likes, dislikes, and style of living. I try to make every home reflect the owner very completely, so it is a place that echo's the very best of their taste and personality. Of course if you get a new home or apartment you need to have somewhere to sit, and somewhere to sleep, and somewhere to eat, and I am quite happy to very quickly get a room furnished to the point where it is beautiful and functional. I am not saying that a person should rattle around in an empty box while choosing just the right tree to build a table out of. But once the basic are there perhaps it is good to take a minute, take a breath, to see how the space works for you before you decide what to do next. Look for things you love in other spaces, pay attention to what colors and shapes you are drawn to. Think which of these things are worthy of being in your beautiful home. I love the idea of Slow Design, because like Slow Food, it brings up the idea that when you take a little more time to design a space the result is more "nourishing," more suitable and functional for the person living there.