If you entertain at all over the holidays I have one word for you: Vintage, vintage, vintage! (Ok, that is one word repeated three times for emphasis.) Truly, this is another green lifestyle choice that improves the quality of your life. These beautiful hand embroidered German napkins are selling for under $3 each on Ebay right now, and aren't they prettier than paper? Better yet, save the shipping by going to your local thrift shop benefiting the hospital auxiliary or the Cancer Society. You know your money will go to a good cause, and the linens, (or glasses or serving platter) add charm to your event. Don't even get me started on my love of vintage china..... If I sound gushing, it is because I really love giving older items a new life. New products take a tremendous amount of raw material to be produced and get shipped to you. Vintage item are often better made, cheaper for similar quality, and have a smaller effect on the world. Plus, they are much more unique than new retail. Be chic, buy vintage.