Does Size Matter?

  Window seats add storage and comfort

I am encouraged that we seem to be having a backlash against huge homes. I don't want to bash them, but they make me sad for so many reasons: * Most importantly I do not think giant homes function well as a places that make the folks living in them happy and comfortable. If, as Le Corgusier says "A house is a machine for living." I think these big homes are in-efficient machines. If I ask a client to describe a place that make them happy, they often describe a home that fostered both relaxation and human interaction. They decribe places that had nooks for reading in, a room where everyone gathered to cook or socialize, and the word "cozy" often comes up. I have NEVER has a person mention a large space, one that was echoing or impressive. And yet these large homes are built to impress. - They take more resources to build, heat, light and cool than smaller homes. - They force you to furnish them, PAY for them, and clean them- Lets face in, new homes sell by the square foot, and every square foot needs to be taken care of. Does your house own you, or do you own your house? Sometimes the extra room can feel like a burden rather than enriching your life. In any case, I enjoyed coming across the following survey for folks to take to see if their house is too big.  It is written by Sarah Susanka, who wrote the Not So Big House series, and this is my favorite question:


■  Is your house so large that you can coexist with other household members without running into them?

YIKES, is it?