A simple thing to do for the environment.

Hey, did you ever wonder if the simple act of lighting up your house when you are reading or working makes a difference in the environment? I know, we all feel like we have been beaten repeatedly about the head and shoulders with the compact fluorescent bulb concept. Yeah we get it, and we get it that we should turn out the light when we leave a room. But perhaps the niggling thought enters your head on occasion, "how much difference can it possibly make?"Well one small thing you can do this weekend will both- help to answer that question, and send a message to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. On Saturday March 28th, at 8:30 pm local time, 2009, people all around the globe will turn out their lights and other electric items for one hour. The Earth Hour goal is to have one BILLION people switch out their lights for that hour to send a message to the climate change conference that we are concerned about energy use as it relates to global warming. Almost as a side effect, previous Earth Hours have let us know whether turning out a few lights can make a difference in global warming.  According to WWF Thailand, Bangkok decreased electricity usage by 73.34 megawatts, which, over one hour, is equivalent to 41.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Toronto saved 900 megawatt-hours of electricity. 8.7% was saved if measured against a typical March Saturday night.  Ireland, as a whole, had a reduction in electricity use of about 1.5% for the evening.

And you know, snuggling in the dark, or having a glass of wine by candlelight, sounds like a pretty good thing to be doing this Saturday night!