Start Global Worming

  a commercial worm bin

Ok, this is not a glamorous design blog, it is about garbage, and worms.  However, I think there is a beauty to economy and efficiancy, and worms are gloriously efficient at devouring the worst sort of trash, and giving you rich soil in return.


Did you know that worms help reduce greenhouse gas emissions of Methane?  Neither did I, until I watched this cute little movie from Dodo Films.  I have long been a fan of composting,  I have two compost bins, a compost tumbler and a worm bin (that is a serious fan!).   I even got my worm bin as a Christmas present from my mother.  (Thanks Mom.)  Worm composting is a great way to make the yuckiest, smelliest trash (food waste) into something fantastic.  

The reasons that worm composting is my favorite way of processing organic trash are:

- They can deal with a lot of potato peelings, half their weight each day

- They are good for lazy composters- (Me!!!)  don't let them drown in the rain, or freeze (not likely in the Bay Area) or roast in the sun- throw in some food waste and shredded newspaper once in a while and- Woila!  No turning, no thermometers.

- They can be in a plastic bin indoors, practical even for apartments or condos.

So give a red wiggler a chance, you might find that you are making less trash, and saving money on soil amendments.