Interior design philosophy in one word?

For some reason I was musing how to define the kind of work I like doing for clients.  I think this is part of owning a small business, it is important to know what you are trying to achieve, so that you put your efforts in the correct direction.  I wondered, is there one word that I could hope a client would choose to describe one of my projects after it is done.  After a bit of mental machination I decided there was: (drum roll please) It is the word "comfortable."  


I know there are a lot of other descriptive words I could aspire to: beautiful, environmentally friendly, stylish, efficient, dramatic, creative, or innovative.  And I do want my projects to embody these qualities.  However, my guiding priciple, as a designer is to design the house that is right for the client.  Some clients might only feel comfortable in a house that is dramatic and striking, but others would feel uneasy in that setting.  My job is to match the design of the project to the client's taste and lifestyle, I often say that my title should be "Decision Making Facilitator" rather than "Interior Designer."  My job is to use my specialized skills and knowledge to help a client pull together the home that is right, "comfortable" for them.  At the end of the day, I go home to my own funky house, and the client is the one that has to sleep, eat and entertain in the space that I have helped them design.  I want them to be very comfortable.

(The environmentally friendly is not really negotiable, because how can you be comfortable if you are surrounded by products and materials that are bad for the environment?)