Green building- what do you do when you go inside?

I am teaching a class in early March that answers that question, on the SF peninsula, through Palo Alto Adult School.  I really enjoy making folks laugh and and at the same time become more conscious about their interior design choices.   Of course, it might be partly because I like people paying attention to me as if I have something important to say, but the fact is I am passionate about how many gorgeous and green home choices there are out there.  Why bother choosing a product that has toxic components, or requires yucky chemicals to maintain, or created a dangerous situation while being manufactured for you?  I have a favorite quote from Anna Lappe "every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want."  And this vote is one that is very carefully listened to by very powerful people.  I do see my class as an opportunity to give remodelers, designers, or homeowners the knowledge they need to choose wonderful healthy products.   I cover a lot of interesting topics, and usually get students excited about the subject. You can register on line or over the  phone,  or call  650-329-3752.