Water, Just try to live without it.

California has a small problem; we have a great climate, natural beauty, used to have a decent economy, and an ever increasing population.  Most of the state is what you would describe as semi-arid, which in practice means not enough water to grow rice, or have big green lawns, or an ever increasing population.   But we do have all those things.

Since we do, conservation has to be part of the plan, since we do not have enough water to use it wastefully.  There are so many things that are crazy in the way we use water.  Why do we have to use tap water for landscaping, it actually is worse for the plants.  Why use drinking water to flush toilets?  I really never, and I mean NEVER intend to drink that water!!! 

Well I was excited to see this new local award program that rewards people who have done outstanding work at changing (reducing, of course) their water use.  They are called the Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards- I will be very interested to see who submits for this award, and especially who wins.

If you happen to have a great water conservation project in the Bay Area, please apply!