No on California proposition 8- proudly supported by SH

I usually try and steer clear of politics in my blog, it is a design/sustainability blog, not a soapbox.  However I do contribute out of my company's profits to political causes that move me, usually environmental issues.  I did support the No on 8 campaign, opposing adding an amendment to the Californian Constitution that would define marriage as having to be between a man and a woman only.  However I kept it quiet, figuring it was no body's business but my own.  It is hard enough to have a committed long-term relationship that supports both partners, and even harder if you are raising a family.  I happen to be married to a perfect man, but I have seen frighteningly destructive male/female relationships and heartbreakingly beautiful same sex relationships.  Commitment, kindness and ceaseless hard work on a partnership have little to do with your sexuality.  I heard something this past week that I found so outrageous that I had to let a political opinion into the blog.   The "Yes on8" campaign has sent letters to corporate contributors to "No on 8",  They say if the company did not contribute the same amount to support "Yes on 8" they would publish a list of all the companies that are in "opposition to traditional marriage."  Now sadly, I did not contribute enough to merit this kind of scare tactics, but many of the companies that did, like Apple and Google, swiftly made public their opposition of Prop. 8.  Essentially preempting any threat.  "If you are going to out me, I will just go public myself, neener, neener."

Now I might be a tiny, tiny company, but I will publically state that Sustainable Home is a proud supporter of the effort to defeat proposition 8.  It would write a bias into a state constitution, and thus is bad law.