I will admit it. I am a bit more of a gourmand than a gourmet when it comes to beauty. You could think about it as being democratic in my appreciation of the world. There is beauty all around us, if we just look for it. There has been a lot of uncertainty in the air this last week, bad financial news especially. It also has been a really busy week for me at work. Well in the midst of running around last Friday, I looked down at the sidewalk and saw that someone had dropped crayons, probably on a hot day. Well, those half melted crayons looked beautiful to me, it just stopped me in my tracks, and I had to take a picture and share it with you.  Stay with me here, I think this does relate to design.  I think we often have the view that if we look harder, if we keep shopping, there will be a better countertop or end table, or fabric for our home.  The reality is that there are many beautiful options out there, and some of them might be something you already own.  There might be potential in a hand me down chair, but if you don't look down with an eye that is open to beauty you will miss it.  Of course there might be a bright side there, I will probably come along and buy it from Goodwill for a client.   I am glad that I looked down the other day and saw the sidewalk abstract.  I wouldn't use it for a countertop, but it did remind me of beauty in the middle of a busy day.  (click on the photo to see a high res image of the sidewalk.)