New Products out of WCG

I love discovering new products, and especially ones that can help me in my interior design business.  One of my ongoing struggles in doing folk's interiors centered around reupholstering older frames for sofa's and chairs.  The frames are great, with strong interesting shapes.  I had worked out an upholstery system with steel springs, natural latex foam, and natural wool batting.  But I keep having to use conventional fabrics, as the green fabrics are limited in visual choice.  Fabric is one of those products where the client has to LOVE how it looks, and how it feels.  I feel that we are finally turning the corner and having a lot of chic, interesting, lovely and useful fabrics available.  This is the first trade show where there were a fair number of new textile companies.  Two that I am especially excited about are O EcoTextiles and Live Textiles.  I also saw some of the old favorites, that are worth mentioning again.  I am impressed that Sloan Miyasato is representing some of the best of the green textile lines. They will represent O Eco Textiles and they represent Twill Textiles, which has a great sustainable line. Some of their fabrics are pictured here.