A couple of discoveries from High Point!

High Point Mart is the largest furniture show in the world, and it is overwhelming for the first time visitor.  They have 11,000 square feet of showrooms in 180 buildings with 2000 exhibitors.  Who knew there were that many vendors of furniture, rugs, pillows, antiques, accessories, and bedding.  Blessings upon the Sustainable Furnishings Council for having this wonderful Guide to the mart, that shows where it's member companies are located.  Even so, I saw less than 1/2 of their member showrooms, I definately will plan on going back.  I am happy to have made contact with some of these vendors, and I hope to work with them in the future, to deliver healthy, sustainable furnishings to my clients. 

Some highlights include:

Gus* Design Group makes modern furniture in Canada, using FSC certified wood frames, and recycled PET cushions on some of their soft back styles.  I think of my self as being pretty knowledgeable about what green furniture vendors are out there, so I was pleased to discover Gus* as a new resource at this mart.   I was struck by their sectional options, and love the little blocks, with which you can work out your ideal configuration: 


Jaipur Living  make rugs, pillows and poufs.  They are very open to using fibers that are sustainable, made from recycled plastic bottles, recycled Saris or Blue jeans, or Jute, which is one of the most sustainable plant fibers.  I love this Jute and Blue jeans rug for it's quiet, almost neutral texture.  


Selamat Designs is one of the showrooms that I was super excited to find.  They make furniture out of rapidly renewable materials, and sustainably sourced woods.  They are riding the Boho Chic wave, which I love, but many of their solid Rattan pieces are timeless and useful for a traditional or modern interior. 


I love their Ambrose Banquette, and not just for the fabulous green color.  Furniture that delivers a sense of enclosure is wonderful to use in larger rooms, when you might need to float some pieces in the room.  This would look great from the back or the front.  

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 2.17.47 PM.png

I did squeeze in a visit to one of my favorite vendors, Gat Creek.  If you have followed my blog for any time at all you know that I consider quality to be one of the most important characteristics of sustainability.  If your furniture ends up in the landfill after 4 years, it is not sustainable, you are just making ecologically sourced trash.  Gat Creek makes quality solid wood furniture, out of sustainably sourced wood, while tracking all of their waste and energy use, and striving to be the best and fairest employer they can be.  And, BONUS, I met Gat!

phoca_thumb_l_st blane table and dartmoor 4 dr server.jpg

Altogether a wonderful (if overwhelming) furniture mart.