Getting High (Point, North Carolina)

High Point Market is the largest home furnishings and accessory show in the world, and I have never been!  The typical show includes over 2000 vendors, 11 million square feet of exhibit space, and educational, social, and entertainment events.  (if you were a single guy, who is into designers, I am sure it would be a must see event)  It is a chance to find new sources of furnishings, look at the trends in my industry, and look at more furniture options than the average consumer would believe exists.  


I am lucky enough to live close to a large design center, the San Francisco Design Center, and to have worked for several designers before I went out on my own.  So I felt like I had my furniture sources pretty nailed down.  Also, my business is a lean mean designing machine, and I didn't want to take the time or travel budget to visit a furniture show across the continent. 

An image from the winning design

An image from the winning design

But last year, I entered, and won an award in the #getYourGreenOn design contest, sponsored by the Sustainable Furnishings Council, and they asked if I would sit on a panel discussion.  Well, I do enjoy talking about green and sustainable interior design, almost as much as I like doing it!  So my answer was yes.  I am going to High Point, and I am speaking on Sunday the 15th at 4 pm, yikes.  Good Golly, whatever am I going to wear?